We are a group who has come together to preserve the Catskill Rail Corridor.


We believe that the interests of Ulster County and the Catskills are best served by a restored, functioning rail corridor serving multiple uses.

We believe that plans to divide the corridor into separate rail and trail segments are economically unjustified, environmentally unsound, and shortsighted.

We believe there is popular support and untapped demand for what a restored rail corridor would make possible.

We believe the best way to gain the benefits of a trail is to enhance the existing trails around the Ashokan Reservoir and combine them with rail services as part of a comprehensive transportation and tourism policy.

We believe the current government of Ulster County is pursuing a short term political agenda at the expense of the future of the Catskills and the greater public interest. We believe we can do better – and must.

We are a non-profit 501.3c corporation. We would invite everyone who is interested in what lies behind our beliefs to explore this website, contact us, and spread the word. Everyone who shares our vision is invited to join us, as members, as volunteers, as financial supporters, or in any role they wish.

The U&D Railway Revitalization Corp is a registered non-profit corporation in the State of New York. Our corporation was chartered in 2016, and is governed by a 7-member Board of Directors with several other non-voting advisory members and officers. For further information about U&DRRC, please contact us at info@udrrcorp.com

The UDRRC is comprised of members with diverse backgrounds such as railroading, transit, environmentalism, historic preservation, tourism, cultural heritage, small business owners, and active community members.

Contact the U&D
PO Box 503 Phoenicia, NY  12464
Call: (845) 481-0334 (please leave a message)

Media inquiries should be directed to:
Call: (518) 965-5246