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To continue the fight to keep the  rails on the ground  for the entire Corridor will take considerable funding  to wage a credible legal defense and your donation will help us reach our goal.

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We have come together to form a group that works towards  ensuring that the Ulster & Delaware RAILROAD corridor remains intact for primarily rail operations along with auxiliary uses. We are dedicated in helping to facilitate the revitalization of the rails assist in the economic growth and environmental well being of the communities along the corridor.

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Photo Credit : Tobe Carey, “Rails to the Catskills”                

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  1. Glad to see that people are coming together to support the RR. We need it as a key part in prosperity of the region.

    1. Thanks Rusty Mae Moore, hope to see you at our August 19th Event. We’ll be there all day and long into the evening.

  2. It is great to see people who to future vs the ulster county executive who looks to his political future and running for governor. Maybe if our politicians would truly look at how to preserve our rich history vs destroying it our taxes would be lowest in nation and not the highest. Keep up the great work.

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