Rail with Potential is Ontrack for Economic Exstinction



The Last Viable historic rail with potential in the county for rail development is in a battle to survive.
Taxpayers should know that there are over hundreds of miles of walking and biking trails there is only ONE 39 mile historic railroad corridor.
The county will spend well over 9 million dollars to develop 10 mile walking trail. The county has never invested in the rail right of way with improvements and capitol despite the fact that rail community has poured thousands of dollars and volunteer hours into keeping the corridor viable.
The county legislature needs to stay true to the original intention of the acquisition of the historic rail Corridor and keep those 39 miles of rail .
Remember the area had a bustling Rondout neighborhood and a historical Post Office. In Fact Kingston was designated as a New York State Heritage Area with a transportation theme!!
Don’t let History in Ulster County become a history of losing historic features as well as losing future opportunities.
Bad decisions by past administrations do not get better over time , they are just bad.