Streetcars Will Make A Difference in Small Cities

Tourism will become more pedestrian and transit oriented. Automobiles are getting more expensive to own and not just because of gas prices. Total ownership costs are rising. Every year fewer people are even interested in car ownership particularly in the NYC area. As environment issues become more pronounced, many will look toward alternate transportation. Tourism will become more pedestrian and need to connect with this area with an eye towards transit. Getting those visitors and tourists here means more than just increasing bus and auto traffic on Rt. 28.

Kingston should become a transport and inter-modal center. Not everyone that wishes to experience the magnificence of the Ashokan Area will want to drive their SUV or board a bus to get there from distant regions. On trains, greater numbers of people can visit the area with far less environmental impact then the current system of highways and automotive-centric tourism. Trails only still means that visitors use their cars to get to the area. Nationwide more and more tourism is becoming rail based or rail accessible.

Kingston has an opportunity to provide ‘a modern transit solution wrapped in a nostalgic, historical package’. A historic trolley with modern counter parts would have made a useful daily working system that was accented by a strong historic component. Although Kingston would be a smaller example, one only needs to look at San Francisco’s F Market & Wharves streetcar line and San Diego’s Silver line, which operate Heritage equipment as well as modern Streetcars as a method for attracting tourists while providing service to its residents.