U&D Railway Revitalization Corp

U&D Railway Revitalization Corp;  Remembering  “A Proud History”, and working toward     “A Bold Future”.
“Our mission is to ensure that the historic Ulster & Delaware Railroad corridor remains intact for primarily rail operations along with other important auxiliary uses.”
This restoration will assist in the economic growth of the communities along the corridor. By Re-establishing a connection to the national railroad network at Kingston, we will be able to ensure a more prosperous future by having increased variety of tourist rail events, modern passenger rail service for visitors with appropriately scaled commuter service, and small sustainable trans-load local freight facilities. Starting with the Kingston to Phoenicia segment we strive to revitalize the entire Ulster & Delaware railroad corridor westward to the Ulster/Delaware county line and eventually well beyond that border. We seek to retain the historic character of this rail corridor and see that it is never ripped up, demolished, or abandoned. We wholeheartedly support a concurrent adjacent multi-use trail.
To this end we ask that you: Contact the Ulster County Legislature, to say why you support rail service on the U&D Corridor. Come and support us at our events and Donate to help develop our organization rebuild the railroad and our future.
THANK YOU! With your help we will reunite our friendly communities, remember our proud history, and create a bold future.
Contact us for additional information
PO Box 503 Phoenicia, NY 12464 

3 thoughts on “U&D Railway Revitalization Corp

  1. U&D…A natiowide effort to raise $$$ to BUY OUT Ulster County!!…Create a well-capitalized enity…for PRESERVATION, REHABILATION, FUTURE RAIL SERVICE!!!…Entirely Feasible!!…GO FOR IT!!

  2. If/After the U&D is retained by the STB…Could the “Revitalization” look at raising capital….Stocks and/or Bonds…to buy out Ulster County and provide for financing long-term??…Regionally, Statewide. Nationally??…The U&D …A unique Asset!!!

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